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It Is Time to Put Justice Back Into the Legal System.

After over a hundred collective years in business, it still amazes us the time and resources devoted to the litigation process and not towards an actual resolution. Put simply, the current legal system encourages inefficiency in the name of profit.

With a collection of in-house attorneys on the team, we are even more acutely aware of the waste involved in litigation and dispute resolution. As business executives, we've been able to experience the corrosive effect that litigation and dispute resolution can have on growth-stage businesses. Substantial time and resources should not be devoted to producing documents and responding to motions. They should be devoted to the growth of the business.

We often hear the adage that the American legal system “may not be perfect, but it’s the best one out there.” It’s become clear to the team here at Ignite that this cliché is a crutch used to rationalize the status quo. The system is broken.

We believe in accelerating the dispute resolution process through technology and providing growth-stage businesses with quality, reasoned decisions from experienced neutrals.

Your business is not litigating disputes. It’s providing goods, products and services to the world. Get back to it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to sign up for an account?

Yes, whether you are a business owner seeking a subscription or an individual who needs to file a claim, please register for an account to access the platform.  

How is this different from regular litigation or ADR?

We believe that letting the experience of our neutrals guide the process is inherently more efficient than existing litigation.  Neutrals have a vested interest in resolving disputes.  Attorneys have a vested interest in prolonging them.  By allowing our neutrals to guide the process, eliminating onerous procedural rules, allowing our users to tell their story and facilitating the cases with technology, we can get to resolutions in 80-90% less time.  

How do I pay and how does Ignite make money?

Businesses sign up for an inexpensive monthly subscription to the platform.  Think of it as business insurance that comes without penalty for actually submitting a claim.   At the end of a dispute, our neutrals will bill you their ordinary hourly rates on which Ignite will take a small platform fee.  By using the platform, however, you will be able to significantly curtail, or eliminate, the largest expense associated with litigation, attorney billable hours.    

How long does a case usually take?

We strive to resolve disputes in around three months while acknowledging that the facts and issues are always unique and may result in a shorter or longer duration.  We will work as hard as possible to get you to a just and reasoned decision quickly.  

Can I use Ignite to resolve disputes if there is no existing contractual obligation?

Yes!  We encourage you to bring any dispute to the platform that you think can benefit from our expedited dispute resolution process.  Just contact us at contact@igniteadr.com and we'll get you set up on the platform so you can get a quick resolution.