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It Is Time to Put Justice Back Into the Legal System.

After over a hundred collective years in business, it still amazes us the time and resources devoted to the litigation process and not towards an actual resolution. Put simply, the current legal system encourages inefficiency in the name of profit.

With a collection of in-house attorneys on the team, we are even more acutely aware of the waste involved in litigation and dispute resolution. As business executives, we've been able to experience the corrosive effect that litigation and dispute resolution can have on growth-stage businesses. Substantial time and resources should not be devoted to producing documents and responding to motions. They should be devoted to the growth o...read more

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We need to change the story of how disputes are litigated and resolved.

Domestically, litigation costs the U.S. economy over $250 Billion a year.  That's over 2% of our Gross Domestic Product.  Motion practice and discovery account for half of that spend and would, alone, equal or exceed the GDP of most nations.  Imagine if one-quarter, one-third, one-half or ALL of that money was spent on research, product development and innovation....  At Ignite, we are more convinced than ever that the legal industry needs a drastic change, particularly the resolution of disputes.  Join the alternative dispute revolution and GET BACK TO GROWTH.    

Experienced and Passionate Neutrals

With hundreds of years experience as judges, arbitrators and mediators, Ignite ADR's neutrals' experience and user-centric approach will resolve your disputes quickly and effectively.  All neutrals are members of the Judicial Arbiters Group (JAG) and the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals and have the intellect and experience to cut through the noise often created by lawyers.  Stop paying billable hours and get back to growth.

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